Yuletide Greetings

I love the Christmas season. A big tree in the living room covered with ornaments that I can sometimes reach and pull off and run away with! Gifts wrapped with paper and ribbons underneath the tree, right where I can chew them up and shred them! The only thing I don’t understand about Christmas is why they put up a dog gate so I can’t get into the living room! How am I supposed to enjoy the holidays? Speaking of the holidays, in case you need one more gift idea, try my new book, Wally’s Wienerful world of golf! You can see it here:


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The Smarter One

People are supposed to be smarter than wiener dogs, but sometimes I’m not so sure. I’m certainly better at reading body language than Ralph is!


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Me and Him

Since wiener dogs can’t read (one of the few things we can’t do), I intend to have someone in my family read this article to me. Maybe the dumb cat can do it!

It’s all about me and my adventures with Ralph on the golf course, and how the book came about. I’m sure you’ll like it! Ok, nap time. –Wally

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Get The New Wally Book!

Read all about my adventures on the golf course with Ralph!


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Wiener Dog Delicacies

At the Wiener Dog Academy, we learn the finer things of life. There is even a culinary course where we learn the tastiest foods. It appears that what it appetizing for a wiener dog is not necessarily appetizing to a human. Oh, well, your loss. More for me!



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The Dog Days of Summer

There is a reason why these are called the “Dog days of summer.” To be more specific, these are the WIENER DOG days of summer! What you may not know is there are also wiener dog days of fall, wiener dog days of winter, and wiener dog days of spring! I’ll elaborate on those in future blogs. For now, you can click the link below to see what my summer day has been like!



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Wanna Bet?

Wiener dogs have a gift. We have amazing powers to predict the future. For example, I know whenever Ralph gets a bowl of popcorn that he’s going to share. I know whenever he relaxes on the couch, he’s going to make room for me. I know whenever I hear water running and he tries to act nonchalant (pretty good word for a dog, huh?) that I’m about to get a bath. I won’t tell you how I know that it’s time for me to go to the vet, but trust me, I KNOW!

Here’s an example of how I always know the outcome of things…

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People Are Funny

Here’s something I don’t understand. The family I live with puts little gates up all over the place and they always have to step over them to go in a room or walk up the stairs. Then they complain about having to step over the gate that THEY PUT UP!! Why do they go to so much trouble? I’ll never understand people!

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Wally Contest!

You can win some customized Drabble artwork!


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Take Me Out To The Ballgame (or wherever)

We wiener dogs get very excited when our masters get ready to leave. That’s because we hope they will be taking us with them. Why would you not take your wiener dog everywhere you go?? We would protect you, offer you companionship, entertain you, and besides that, we’d really really really appreciate it!

We hate to be left alone. It’s no fun at all. There’s nobody to show off for! Also, I never know what to do when the phone rings.

So if you are considering leaving your home, may I offer this subtle suggestion; TAKE ME WITH YOU!!! (Unless you’re going to the vet.)


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