Take Me Out To The Ballgame (or wherever)

We wiener dogs get very excited when our masters get ready to leave. That’s because we hope they will be taking us with them. Why would you not take your wiener dog everywhere you go?? We would protect you, offer you companionship, entertain you, and besides that, we’d really really really appreciate it!

We hate to be left alone. It’s no fun at all. There’s nobody to show off for! Also, I never know what to do when the phone rings.

So if you are considering leaving your home, may I offer this subtle suggestion; TAKE ME WITH YOU!!! (Unless you’re going to the vet.)


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4 Responses to Take Me Out To The Ballgame (or wherever)

  1. Alexandra says:

    When I lived in a more temperate climate that was dog friendly (basically you could take your dog everywhere but the grocery store and hoity toity restaurants) I did take mine everywhere. She loved it, sitting up high in her car seat, to prancing down the sidewalk as passers by stopped to admire her, getting treats at all the dog friendly establishments, and yet more attention. This sits right in a wiener dog’s wheel house! The only trouble I ever had with mine was trying on clothes in the dressing room. My dachshund did NOT like being cooped up in the tiny room with all the excitement going on in the other rooms around. So I learned quickly, buy what you like, try it on at home, and take it back later if it didn’t work (and well bring the wiener dog with you for another outing)! HMMM.. maybe that was her plan all along? We all know our wiener dogs play Jeda mind tricks on us.

  2. Frank-N-Footer, Dottie, and Bugsy says:

    Alas my dear friend there are hooman places that just don’t understand we need to be with our hoomans and they ban all of us dog and cat alike. So though we want to be with mommy, we don’t go with that guy cause he would never take us even if he could, we have to stay home. Also right now mommy is gone to our hooman sister’s to help with the grandmonsters while hoosissy looks for a job and finds a babysitter. We sure want her home.

  3. Stacy Lashbrook says:

    My little Maggy becomes my shadow as soon as my shoes go on. She runs to the door, waiting to be the first to go out, or make it very difficult for you not to notice she wants to go too. If I am waiting for others to head to the door, she fusses and scratches at my leg to remember her. Ohe day she backed between my legs and stood as if to say, “Dare you to leave without me.”

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